AT Banter Episode 84 – Shawn Kirkpatrick and Loadstone GPS

Rob, Ryan, and Mr. Cowbell (Steve is away this week) discuss Smart Phones and their impact on the human condition before turning the microphones at Shawn Kirkpatrick, developer of the long standing accessible GPS app, Loadstone.

Show Notes

Your Smartphone is Making You Stupid

Google Home Holiday Sales Figures

Loadstone GPS for the Blind

3 responses to “AT Banter Episode 84 – Shawn Kirkpatrick and Loadstone GPS”

  1. Hi at banter team

    The VIP Lounge are launching an information station giving people information on sight loss. Please could we use your weekly podcasts so that we can help more people?

    Thank you

    Hazel hyland


    1. Hello Hazel, yes we are ok with this. please send us the link to the station so that we can also share it with our listeners once it is ready.


    2. Hi Hazel,

      Sure, we’d be honored to help contribute to the Information Station in any way we can. Feel free to use the podcast on them and if you have any other questions or ways in which we can help, drop us a line at

      Thanks Hazel!


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