AT Banter Episode 85 – Mental Health and Disability with Ryan Sturgeon

This week Rob and Ryan are joined by Ryan Sturgeon, Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador and Community Mental Health Worker. We discuss the challenges people within the Disability community who also deal with mental illness face and the ways in which everyone can improve their mental health.

Mental Health and Mindfullness for People With Disabilities

Brandon Wheelchair Sports

2 responses to “AT Banter Episode 85 – Mental Health and Disability with Ryan Sturgeon”

  1. Hi guys. Is there a way to save the podcasts to listen to them off-line? Also, The VIP Lounge Radio Group are launching an Information Station and would like to know if they could use your podcasts so that more people can hear about what is available to them?

    Hazel Hyland



  2. There isn’t a really easy way to do it with the embedded files on the site I’m afraid. The best way would be to download through your device (and whatever Podcast app you are using) in order to listen later offline. And yup, VIP Radio Group is free to use the podcast as part of their Information Station. Cheers!


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