Meet The Hosts

Rob Mineault

Rob worked in the Assistive Technology field for 18 years before making the switch into the non-profit world where he currently acts as the Communications Coordinator for Blind Beginnings, an organization that supports and inspires children and youth who are blind or partially sighted.

When he’s not busy with podcast hosting and editing duties for the AT Banter Podcast, you can find him producing Blind Beginnings’ Podcast called “Limitless” and helping Steve and Ryan at Canadian Assistive Technology.

Ryan Fleury

Lovingly nicknamed ‘Pinball’ for his propensity for navigating the office without his cane, Ryan has been heavily involved in the Assistive Technology field for over 19 years. His extensive product knowledge and ability to troubleshoot any myriad of hardware and software problems has given him a reputation all across the country as a patient, knowledgeable and professional Technical Support and Sales Manager. However, those who work closest to him on a daily basis just know him as ‘Grumpy Bastard’. In his spare time, Ryan is an avid audiophile and musician and his Man Cave (where the AT Banter Podcast is recorded) has been dubbed the ‘Guitar Dungeon’. 

Steve Barclay

Steve causes approximately 70% of required editing of the podcast, produces about the same percentage of the bloopers, half of which can never be played to a public audience.  He is in charge of googling obscure facts during the show, and sometimes even gets the google searches right.  Despite owning the company that produces the podcast, Steve is still lobbying the rest of the podcast hosts for health benefits and a retirement plan, even going so far as to threaten a hunger strike, which the rest of the hosts agree would do him no harm.  Most often used quotes are, “huh?” and “…sorry what were we talking about?”

Lis Malone

Lis Malone is a Book Marketer and Author Publicist with a 25+ year media career despite being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) at age twenty. Lis grew up in Northern New Jersey where she began her career, across the river into New York City, and eventually to Charlotte, North Carolina where she currently resides.

Lis first began podcasting back in 2015 with Access Point, a long-form interview series which showcased individuals who were at the forefront of disability advocacy, and later with Breaking Dishes–a combination of interview and solo episodes, which caught the attention of AT Banter’s Ryan Fleury during his search for a female personality to join the existing Canadian podcast trio. In late 2021 Lis joined the AT Banter Podcast as a guest co-host and named a permanent member of the Banter crew in January of 2022.

In addition to working with authors and podcasting, Lis enjoys working on her memoir and novel, traveling, outdoor time with her pup, Madison, and NHL Hockey. GO NJ DEVILS!

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