Image Description: Headshot of Ardra Shepard, an attractive blond woman dressed fashionably and smiling for the camera. The words “Episode 280 – Ardra Shephard & Fashion Dis” appear on the left hand side of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 280 – Ardra Shephard & Fashion Dis

Rob dresses up and wears socks this week in anticipation of the show as the gang welcomes Ardra Shephard, host of AMI’s, ‘Fashion Dis’, a makeover show that features members of the disability community. They discuss Ardra’s own personal journey with fashion and disability, how the idea of the show came about, adaptive clothing, and the importance of the show’s impact and message.

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Fashion Dis on AMI

Tripping On Air

Blind Musicians Concert for Ukraine

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AT Banter Episode 274 – Two Canes Consulting

This week Rob, Steve, Lis, and Ryan welcome Sarina Cormier and Natalie Shearer from Two Canes Consulting to the show to talk about their fledgling two-woman accessibility consultation business. They discuss everything from their own chance meeting at a branch of the CNIB and the company’s origins to the state of accessibility in Ontario and the unique perspective that their own lived experiences bring to their clients.

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Two Canes Consulting

Cartoon graphic of a variety of people, some in color while those in the background are in black and white.

AT Banter Episode 270 – Ableism Part 2

Rob, Lis, Steve, and Ryan welcome fellow podcasters and advocates Amy Amantea and Shawn Marsolais for the second part of an epic roundtable discussion on ableism, specifically the notion of “inspiration porn”. Inspiration porn is a term coined by Australian disability advocate Stella Young and refers to the age old notion of the exploitation of people with disabilities. We discuss the origins, talk about its impact on everyday lives, the fine line that exists between teachable moments and personal space, and much more.

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Limitless Podcast

Accessing Art with Amy

AT Banter Episode 267 – 2021 Parting Shot

It’s the last episode of 2021 and Rob and Ryan welcome guest host Lis Malone for the last time as they share some BIG show news and discuss a few of their favorite episodes of the year before giving 2021 proper farewell!

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Breaking Dishes Podcast

AT Banter Episode 264 – Lainey Feingold

Rob, Ryan and Steve sit down this week and talk with renowned Disability Rights Lawyer and Author of the book, “Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits” Lainey Feingold. They discuss accessibility lawsuits and the ADA, negotiation techniques, and how sitting down and discussing accessibility with companies can bear more fruit than actual lawsuits.

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Lainey Feingold Online

Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits

Image of a hiking trail with one able bodies person and one person in an adapted wheelchair hiking through a lush green set of trees.

AT Banter Episode 259 – Community Recreation Initiatives Society

Moose, rabbits, bears, oh my! This week Steve, Ryan and Rob are heading into the Great Outdoors to talk with Laura McEwan, Manager of Program Delivery for Accessible Wilderness Expeditions, an organization based in Kelowna, BC that offers all manner of adapted outings and adventures.

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Community Recreational Initiatives Society

Adaptive Adventures

Accessible Wilderness Expeditions

AT Banter Episode 258 – Kiesha Mastrodimos

Rob, Ryan and Steve get a lesson in foreign foot fetishes (inside joke, you’ll have to listen to the episode to get it) and welcome disability advocate, motivational speaker, social media star Kiesha Mastrodimos to the show to discuss the documentary “Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness”.

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Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness

Kiesha on Facebook

Kiesha on Youtube

AT Banter Episode 257 – Jillian Gillis

Mental health and the notion of self-care and self-love can be something many of us overlook in our busy, everyday lives. This week the boys are excited to welcome Jillian Gillis to the show to talk about her new(ish) podcast called Self Love is Blind, a show that discusses these concepts through the lens of disability.

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Self Love Is Blind

AT Banter Episode 216 – Tamara Vrooman

This week we’re sitting down with a discussion about the importance of inclusivity with President and CEO of the Vancouver International Airport, Tamara Vrooman. Tamara has been a long-time advocate for inclusive hiring practices for years and sits on the board of the Rick Hansen Foundation as well and is an active member of the President’s Group, a network of 25 BC business leaders working for more accessible and inclusive workplaces.

Show Notes

Microsoft’s 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Report

B.C. NDP recommits to disability legislation

Guinness launches first alcohol-free beer

AT Banter Episode 205 – Emilee and Hannah Schevers

This week the show takes on some much needed youthful energy as the boys welcome Emilee and Hannah Schevers to the Anti-Gloom Zoom Room to talk about Tru Faces, a community for individuals with disabilities that they’ve built across several social media platforms. The girls share their upbringing and how it help shaped their positive attitudes as well as their mission behind Tru Faces and what the future holds.

Show Notes

Tru Faces on the Web

On Instagram

On YouTube

ADA 30th Anniversary