LaMondre Pough smiles for the camera, dressed in a charcoal grey suit jacket, white shirt, and purple patterned bowtie. The words "Episode 305 LaMondre Pough & Billion Strong" sit to the left of the image while the AT Banter podcast logo sits in the lower left hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 305 – LaMondre Pough & Billion Strong

The AT Banter gang re-convenes with a full roster this week as they welcome LaMondre Pough, CEO of Billion Strong, a non profit organization whose mission is to unite, elevate and empower the global community of people with disabilities in order to develop a positive disability identity. They discuss everything from the organization’s origins to the challenges faced to unify disability communities around the world and the importance of positive identity and advocacy. Oh, and this episode is definitely NOT sponsored by Frugal MacDoogal.

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Billion Strong

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