Alexa hangs a black t-shirt which has white beaded braille along its front onto a rack with a variety of other shirts, the hanger emblazoned with the Aille Design logo. The words "Episode 304 - Aille Design" covers the left hand side of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 304 – Aille Design

The gang is back at full strength this week as they welcome Alexa and Jake, founders of a fashion company known as Aille Design. Aille Design distinguishes itself from other fashion design companies by not only producing clothing that incorporates beaded braille onto clothing, but also empowers and celebrates inclusivity, while helping to reduce disability stigmas and educating about the importance of accessibility. They discuss the company’s origins as a university research project, its mission and mandate, and how the fashion industry is slowly changing to embrace accessibility and inclusion.

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Aille Design

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