Wooden blocks sit lined up on a table and spell ableism. The words "Episode 310 - Ableism Part 4" sits in the upper left hand corner of the image while the AT Banter logo sits in the bottom feft.

AT Banter Episode 310 – Ableism Part 4

This week we cap off our multi-part series on Ableism as Rob, Ryan, and Lis welcome back Shawn Marsolais, founder of Blind Beginnings and host of the Limitless Podcast and disability advocate Amy Amantea to sit down at a round table discussion. In this last part of the series we discuss the hierarchy of disability and how it manifests from both within and outside of the disability community and give our final thoughts on ableism and how to combat it.   

Show Transcript

Show Notes

Blind Beginnings

Limitless Podcast

Accessing Art with Amy

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