AT Banter Episode 330 – Mike Buckley & Virtual Volunteering

Mike Buckley, a man with greying hair in his late 40s, smiles for the camera as the Be My Eyes logo floats to his left along with screenshots of the Be My Eyes Virtual Volunteer screen on a smart phone. The words "Episode 330 - Mike Buckley & Virtual Volunteering" take up the left hand side of the image.

The popular Blindness App Be My Eyes recently announced their partnership with OpenAI, makers of Chat-GPT along a forthcoming feature dubbed “Virtual Volunteer” which will incorporate artificial intelligence into the app. Rob and Ryan welcome Be My Eyes CEO Mike Buckley to the show to talk about this partnership, why Be My Eyes has embraced AI, and the implications and positive impact this evolving technology is having on Assistive Technology.

Show Transcript

Show Notes

Be My Eyes

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