Image of a finger tracing along a piece of braille paper. The words Episode 268 - Adam Wilton Returns cover the left hand side of the image.

AT Banter Episode 268 – Adam Wilton Returns

How did you spend World Braille Day 2022? Well if you were the cast of the AT Banter Podcast, you spent it welcoming braille teacher, enthusiast, and manager of the Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired Adam Wilton back to the show! It’s been over 5 years since he was on last and was our very first guest on the podcast talking about the importance of braille education and the state of braille – and we’re excited to have him back!

Show Transcript:

Show Notes

Braille Literacy Canada

Braille Zoomers Program

6 Ways to Become a Supportive Ally to Braille Readers – Daily Hive

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