Brian and Kerry Kijewski stand in front of a wall which has the Radio Western logo emblazoned on it.

AT Banter Episode 292 – Brian and Kerry Kijewski

It’s an exciting episode this week as Rob, Ryan, Lis, and Steve welcome siblings Brian and Kerry Kijewski, hosts of the radio show Outlook on Radio Western. They discuss the origins of their hour long weekly show that focuses on advocacy, what it’s like doing a show on live radio, and what drives their passion for broadcasting and advocacy.

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Outlook on Radio Western

Chin Music on Radio Western

Image of a finger tracing along a piece of braille paper. The words Episode 268 - Adam Wilton Returns cover the left hand side of the image.

AT Banter Episode 268 – Adam Wilton Returns

How did you spend World Braille Day 2022? Well if you were the cast of the AT Banter Podcast, you spent it welcoming braille teacher, enthusiast, and manager of the Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired Adam Wilton back to the show! It’s been over 5 years since he was on last and was our very first guest on the podcast talking about the importance of braille education and the state of braille – and we’re excited to have him back!

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Braille Literacy Canada

Braille Zoomers Program

6 Ways to Become a Supportive Ally to Braille Readers – Daily Hive

AT Banter Episode 264 – Lainey Feingold

Rob, Ryan and Steve sit down this week and talk with renowned Disability Rights Lawyer and Author of the book, “Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits” Lainey Feingold. They discuss accessibility lawsuits and the ADA, negotiation techniques, and how sitting down and discussing accessibility with companies can bear more fruit than actual lawsuits.

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Lainey Feingold Online

Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits

AT Banter Episode 252 – Andrew Gurza

Rob and Ryan welcome Disability Awareness Consultant and podcaster Andrew Gurza to the show this week, in an episode so spicy and forward that we had to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode! It’s a three-way conversation about everything from sex and disability to the state of disability advocacy in an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Andrew Gurza Online

Disability After Dark

CBC Documentary on Andrew

AT Banter Episode 251 – What’s My Pronoun?

The conversation around pronouns and their importance has been at the heart of conversations about inclusion lately, but for some people it can be hard to understand. This week Rob and Ryan sit down with Dennis Baron, Professor of Linguistics and English at the University of Illinois and author of the book “What’s Your Pronoun: Beyond He and She” to give some context and understanding of the current discourse, as well as a historical perspective.  

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What’s Your Pronoun: Beyond He and She

AT Banter Episode 250 – Darryl Lenox

Rob and Ryan are excited and honored to welcome comedian Darryl Lenox to the show to have a very open and frank conversation about his recent vision loss and how he is adapting to it across all aspects of his life, from travel and smartphones to his writing process.

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New border rules will prevent air travel for people who are blind or unable to use internet

Darryl Lenox Online

AT Banter Episode 249 – Steve Hoffman

Steve is on vacation, but Rob and Ryan soldier on without him as they welcome Steve Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space and author of the book “The Five Forces That Change Everything” to discuss future technology and what it means to both the mainstream but also assistive technology. If geeking out about Brain Computer Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence is your thing, boy do we have the show for you!

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Founders Space

The Five Forces That Change Everything

Courtney Cole on Tik Tok

AT Banter Episode 218 – Roy Samuelson

This week the Anti-Zoom Gloom room has a new silky smooth vocal presence as Rob, Ryan, and Steve welcome award-winning Voice-over Artist and Audio Describer Roy Samuelson to talk all about his work as an Audio Describer and advocate.

Show Notes

Roy Samuelson on the Web

Audio Description Discussion Group on Facebook

Audio Description Project

Audio Description Narrators of America

Kevin’s Way

UbiSoft Criticized for Ableist Language

AT Banter Episode 139 – Ferdando Albertorio – What’s New with Sunu

We’re back after a week away!  Rob explains why, Ryan explains his new phone choice (brace yourself, this will shock you), and the boys catch up with a few pieces of news before welcoming Fernando Albertorio from Sunu to the show where he gives a full update on some of the Sunu Band mobility aid’s new firmware features.

Show Notes

Hockey Players with Assistive Devices Barred from Ont Tournaments
Barbie Unveils New Line of Inclusive Dolls With Disabilities