Riane LaPaire, woman in her 30s with long brown hair and wearing a Montreal Canadians baseball hat, smiles in front of a blue green lake. The words "Episode 319 - Riane Lapaire & NNELS" takes up the left hand side of the image.

AT Banter Episode 319 – Riane LaPaire & NNELS

This week Ryan, Rob, Lis, and Steve welcome Braille & Accessibility Testing Coordinator and Habs Superfan Riane LaPaire to the podcast to discuss the work she does at NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Services) as well as highlighting the many Braille related events being held throughout the month of January as part of World Braille Days.

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World Braille Days

The Canute Dock Braille Gaming Console sits attached at the base of the Canute 360 while a pair of hands runs over the keyboard. The words "Episode 308 Bristol Braille & The Canute Dock" sit to the left of the image while the AT Banter podcast logo sits in the lower left hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 308 – Bristol Braille & The Canute Dock

Rob, Ryan, and Steve get up in the wee hours of the morn to welcome Charlie Harding, Distribution Manger of Bristol Braille to the show to talk about their one-of-a-kind multi-line braille display the Canute 360 as well as their forthcoming first of its kind gaming console, the Canute Dock!

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Bristol Braille

The Canute Dock

Alexa hangs a black t-shirt which has white beaded braille along its front onto a rack with a variety of other shirts, the hanger emblazoned with the Aille Design logo. The words "Episode 304 - Aille Design" covers the left hand side of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 304 – Aille Design

The gang is back at full strength this week as they welcome Alexa and Jake, founders of a fashion company known as Aille Design. Aille Design distinguishes itself from other fashion design companies by not only producing clothing that incorporates beaded braille onto clothing, but also empowers and celebrates inclusivity, while helping to reduce disability stigmas and educating about the importance of accessibility. They discuss the company’s origins as a university research project, its mission and mandate, and how the fashion industry is slowly changing to embrace accessibility and inclusion.

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Aille Design

AT Banter Episode 189 – The Show Must Go On

We may be in the middle of a global pandemic, and Ryan is taking a hiatus, but the show must go on! Rob, Steve and Rick discuss the announcement of some new forthcoming braille devices from Orbit research before launching into an extended conversation about what is on everyone’s mind these days – the impact of the COVID-19 virus and some of the ways it is impacting communities.

Show Notes

Orbit Research Announces a Trio of New Braille Products
CORVID-19 Virus – What do Older Adults and People with Disabilities Need to Know?

CORVID-19 Restrictions Put Extra Burden on Blind Community

AT Banter Episode 187- Accessibuild

We are back from a brief hiatus this week and once again gather in the Guitar Dungeon to talk with Jeff Godfrey from Y4U Technologies along with beta tester Brian Bibeault about their new Indoor Navigation app, Accessibuild.  

Show Notes

Accessibuild Website
Accessibuild App for iOS

Shameless Plug – Canute 360

AT Banter Episode 186 – Eric Damery

It’s an exciting show this week as Rob and Ryan welcome Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Management at Vispero, makers of the ever popular JAWS Screen Reading Software.  We wax nostalgic about the computing landscape of the 90s and discuss what it was like developing a screen reader during that period and how it compares to the current development cycle before discussing what the future holds for JAWS.

Show Notes

JAWS Screen Reader
JAWS Support and Training

AT Banter Episode 179 – Canute 360

It’s our last regular show of the year! This week we welcome Liam Smith from Bristol Braille, makers of the forthcoming Braille e-reader the Canute 360. We get the latest updates on the status of the first production run as well as finding out what the development process has been like and what makes this new Braille device special.

Show Notes

Bristol Braille
Pre-Order the Canute 360

AT Banter Episode 161 – Jessica Hipp and WayAround

This week we delve back into the always-hot topic of Accessible spaces as Rob and Ryan talk with Jessica Hipp, Chief Operating Officer of WayAround, an innovative Audio Tagging system that could help revolutionize public, home, and office settings.

Show Notes

Contact Jessica
New law requires pharmacies to provide “prescription readers” to blind patients

AT Banter Episode 159 – Jess Jur and Smart Clothing

Ever shop at Old Navy and wish you could purchase a t-shirt that could regulate temperature or monitor your vital signs? Well, you may be in luck soon. This week we talk with Jess Jur, Associate Professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science at NC State University’s College of Textiles who gives us an overview of the notion of Smart Textiles and helps us breakdown what the implications are for Assistive Technology going forward.

Show Notes

Comcast’s latest accessibility feature lets customers change TV channels with their eyes
Bad braille plagues buildings across U.S., CBS News Radio investigation finds

NEXT Research Group
Smart Clothes TED Talk

AT Banter Episode 152 – Return of the Google Accessibility Team

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day! It’s been a week since Google I/O, Google’s big annual developer’s conference, and we welcome have three of the Google Accessibility Team to talk about some of the Accessibility announcements that were made at the event.

Show Notes

New Microsoft Patent Reveals Plans for Braille Controller
Microsoft is Improving Windows 10 Update Process
Google Accessibility Website
Contact Google Accessibility

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