AT Banter Episode 13 – Sports!


This week Steve and Ryan become athletic supporters and chat with Mike Lonergan from BC Blind Sports about what the organization does, Adapted Sports, and the Canadian Paraolympic Team.

Show Notes
BC Blind Sports
Mike Lonergan 604-325-8638
Canadian Blind Sports
Canadian Paraolympic Association

AT Banter Episode 11 – Braaaains

This week we welcome Rachel back to sit in Steve’s chair while we discuss some of the latest technology surrounding everyone’s second-favorite organ and speculate on what the future may hold.

Show Notes
MUSE Brain Sensing Headband
MindWave Mobile
Emotiv Headset
Tan Le TEDTalk
Scientists Found a Way to Email Brain Waves
Modular Prosthetic Limb
Fitness Tracker Comparison

AT Banter Episode 10 – Communicating Alternatively

Well, the vacation is over! We’re back!

This week we welcome Elaine Holtham to the Podcast and talk about some of the history of Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices and how they impact their users’ lives.

Show Notes
Prentke Romich Company
History of Prentke Romich
Unity Language System
Minspeak AAC Language Seminar Series
AAC Institute

AT Banter Episode 8 – July 15, 2016

This week we’re joined by Kim Kilpatrick of the Canadian Council of the Blind to talk about the program she helped found — the Get Together with Technology Program. Also, some news stories, a rousing debate over air travel, and Steve’s ongoing GST battle!

Show Notes
In a Scientific First, Blind Mice Regain Eyesight
Air Canada Innovates to Make In-Flight Entertainment Systems Accessible for Vision-Impaired Customers
Startup aims to transform the lives of the disabled with assistive, open-source tech
Canadian Council of the Blind
Get Together with Technology
Welcome To My World Radio Show

AT Banter Episode 7 – July 8, 2016

After several weeks of teasing, it’s finally here — our episode about Disabled Superheroes! Join Rob, Steve and Rachel in the Studio of Justice for a look into how disability has been portrayed in comics, and discuss what the future may hold.

Show Notes
List of Disabled Superheroes
Disabled Cosplayers
Department of Ability
Common Portrayals of Persons with Disabilities
Comics and Human Rights: Oracle and Representations of Disability in Superhero Comics
Comics Empower: The comic book store for the blind

AT Banter Episode 6 – June 30, 2016

This week we’ve got something special cooking … Alexis Hillyard, creator and star of the YouTube Channel Stump Kitchen drops in to chat about her experience as a Youtube content creator, life as a one handed Vegan Internet chef, and even swaps some of her favorite curse words with us.

Show Notes
Stump Kitchen
Microsoft draws flak for pushing Windows 10 on PC users
No means no: Windows 10 nagware’s red X will stop update
Never 10

AT Banter Episode 5 – June 24, 2016

This week’s episode features a discussion on Dementia, the statistics, the breakthroughs, and some related assistive technology that is here and up and coming that will help tackle this ever growing global problem.

Show Notes
Japan’s dementia crisis hits record levels as thousands go missing
Canadian Dementia Numbers
Can natural language processing help detect dementia?
Alive Inside Clip
Alive Inside Foundation
Music and Memory Website
Simple Music Player
Turning Smartwatches into Assistive Tech for Seniors