AT Banter Episode 24 – Karon Argue

This week we talk with Karon Argue, Author and Illustrator about life as a legally blind artist and the challenges she’s had to overcome.

Show Notes
Karon’s Website
Karon Reads from her book, ‘The Smooch’

AT Banter Episode 23 – This is Halloween

This week Rob, Ryan, and Rachel take a break from the regular format to talk about Halloween, past and present, how it’s changed, and the wonder that is Pumpkin Spice.

Show Notes
Making Halloween Fun for Children with Disabilities
10 Accessible and Sensory Friendly Halloween Ideas
3 Blind Mice Costume Controversy
Costume Contact Lens Warnings

AT Banter Episode 21 – Descriptive Video Works

This week we welcome Diane Johnson, President and CEO of Descriptive Video Works, to talk about the process of describing video for the blind or visually impaired.

Show Notes
Descriptive Video WorksDescriptive Video Works – Arctic Air Demo 2
CRTC Regional Contact
How to contact Netflix

AT Banter Episode 20 – Light Up That Visual Cortex!

This week it’s a freeform show where we ramble and cover some of the more intereting bits of AT-related news that came out this week.

Show Notes
How the Marrakesh Treaty makes the Intellectual Property system more inclusive
Presidential race could energize voters with disabilities
What Happens in the Brains of Blind People Who Do Math
Samsung’s Touchable Ink prints braille using any laser printer



AT Banter Episode 18 – Skoog!

This week we’re talking to Ben Schögler – Creative Director and Co-Founder of SkoogMusic – about their music-based assistive technology product and all around fun word, the Skoog!

Show Notes
What’s a Skoog?
Skoog Performances
Don’t Stop Believin’