AT Banter Episode 224 – No News is Good News?

These days it might seem like no news is good news, but Rob and Ryan do their best to drum up some of the latest Assistive Technology news that 2021 has to offer so far, including discussing an article about the problem of the cost of AT devices and some news about accessibility that is being built into new TVs.

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ADA Lawsuit Rates Rising

Disability advocates call for easier access to ‘life-changing’ technology

Samsung Makes Its 2021 TVs More Accessible

AT Banter Episode 223 – An App Named Louie

It’s the first episode of 2021 and Rob and Ryan are not only well rested from the Holidays, but optimistic that 2021 is going to be a great year! After a mini- discussion about Braille in celebration of World Braille Day, the boys welcome Pramit Bhargava as the first guest of 2021 to talk about his new app, Louie, which add voice control functionality to Android based smartphones.

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Louie Voice Control

Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way: An Enlightening Journey

AT Banter Episode 222 – A Warm and Fuzzy Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and time for our annual episode where we discuss all things Christmas and the Holidays! It’s a little bit different this year and a departure from our originally planned Christmas episode (thanks a lot 2020), but we pushed through technical difficulties to bring you a little Yuletide audio cheer. Thank you to all our listeners and guests for your support over the year and we will see you in 2021!

AT Banter Episode 221 – Marc Arneson and Hadley

It’s a momentous occasion in the Guitar Dungeon this week as Ryan flies solo and spreads his wings as he interviews Marc Arneson, Director of Brand Development/ Community Learning at Hadley, one of the longest running and largest educators of Braille and related subjects for blind or partially sighted individuals in North America.

Show Notes


B.C.’s COVID-19 income and disability assistance top-up will soon be cut in half

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AT Banter Episode 220 – Unstoppable Tracy

Nothing can stop us now! Rob, Ryan and Steve welcome the aptly named Unstoppable Tracy, aka Tracy Schmidt, to the Anti-Gloom Zoom Room where we learn about her background and how she gained such an enthusiastic and positive attitude and how her condition as a quadruple amputee informed it. We manage to talk about a few of her many accomplishments, but only scratch the surface of what this amazing woman has accomplished.

Show Notes

Unstoppable Tracy

Listen to (Un)Stop the Story

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AT Banter Episode 219 – Megan Lawrence Talks Mental Health

Given the year that 2020 has been, it’s not surprising to think that Mental Wellness is a growing concern among many people, both at home as well as the workplace. This week Rob and Ryan welcome Megan Lawrence, Sr. Accessibility Technical Evangelist at Microsoft to discuss the topic of Mental Health and how COVID has changed the way we discuss it and how companies are participating in the conversation.

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AT Banter Episode 218 – Roy Samuelson

This week the Anti-Zoom Gloom room has a new silky smooth vocal presence as Rob, Ryan, and Steve welcome award-winning Voice-over Artist and Audio Describer Roy Samuelson to talk all about his work as an Audio Describer and advocate.

Show Notes

Roy Samuelson on the Web

Audio Description Discussion Group on Facebook

Audio Description Project

Audio Description Narrators of America

Kevin’s Way

UbiSoft Criticized for Ableist Language

AT Banter Episode 217 – Michael Hingson

This week Rob and Ryan sit down with best-selling author, motivational speaker, and advocate Michael Hingson to discuss a wide range of topics around Blindness, from his experiences growing up to his early experiences in the Assistive Technology field to the importance of Braille Literacy.

Show Notes

‘The Witches’ Faces Backlash From Disability Community

Independence Science

Michael Hingson

Thunder Dog

AT Banter Episode 216 – Tamara Vrooman

This week we’re sitting down with a discussion about the importance of inclusivity with President and CEO of the Vancouver International Airport, Tamara Vrooman. Tamara has been a long-time advocate for inclusive hiring practices for years and sits on the board of the Rick Hansen Foundation as well and is an active member of the President’s Group, a network of 25 BC business leaders working for more accessible and inclusive workplaces.

Show Notes

Microsoft’s 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Report

B.C. NDP recommits to disability legislation

Guinness launches first alcohol-free beer

AT Banter Episode 215 – GoodMaps

Indoor navigation and fully accessible public spaces has long been a dream, and this week we’re talking to a couple guys that might be looking at making that dream come true. Jose Gaztambide and Mike May from GoodMaps join Rob, Ryan and Steve this week to talk about their app and the state of the art positioning technology used in order to quickly and accurately map spaces and turn that data in an accessible digital format.

Show Notes


GoodMaps Explore for iOS

Guy on a Jetpack