A large red and white cruise ship sails against a deep red sunset with the Virgin Voyages logo on its bow. The words “Episode 317 – Cruising With Donovan” sits in the upper right hand corner of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower left hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 317 – Cruising With Donovan

In November of 2022, Donovan Tildesley, had just boarded a cruise ship from the Virgin Voyages fleet and sat down at the bar to enjoy his first drink of the voyage when two staff members approached him to inform him that he needed to be removed from the ship because they were not going to be able to accommodate a blind solo traveler. This week the Banter Gang sits down and talks with Donovan to get the full story, the repercussions, how Virgin Voyages responded, and how it all resulted in a “coachable” moment.

Show Transcript

Show Notes

Blind Canadian Paralympian removed from cruise ship

Virgin Voyages

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