AT Banter Episode 234 – Good News Show 2

When it comes to this week’s show, we’ve got some good news, and we have some bad news. First the good news … THERE IS NO BAD NEWS (unless your name is Pepe and you’re a skunk)! That’s right, it’s been about a year since we had our last “Good News Show”, so we decided to do it again this year since we are still in desperate need of plenty of sunshine, lollipops, puppy dogs, and kittens in our lives! Maria Johnson from the Girl Gone Blind Blog joins Rob, Ryan and Steve for an hour of fun, laughter, and GOOD NEWS!

Show Notes

Girl Gone Blind Blog

She Beat Cancer at 10. Now She’s Set to Be the Youngest American in Space

‘Life-saving’ nose spray that kills 99.9% of viruses begins production in Israel

Woman Finds Husband’s ‘Secret Instagram Account’ Full of Recipes He Makes for Her

The Golden Labrador Who Keeps on Giving

Orchestra Allows Deaf People to ‘Hear’ Beethoven

How Pepe Le Pew became the latest character in the culture war

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