AT Banter Episode 213 – The Good News Show

Something a little different this week! We wanted to do something special to celebrate International Podcast Day, so Steve came up with the idea of a News Show that breaks from the usual format of Assistive Technology. These days it’s hard to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bad news that fills our days, so we’re fighting back with a little something we call The Good News Show — nothing but warm fuzzies! So if you’ve got the blues about the state of the world, this is the episode for you!

Show Notes

A paralyzed adventurer designed a mountain bike for people with disabilities to explore the outdoors

Duck Rescued After Plastic Ring Gets Stuck Around the Neck

Biodegradable Carbon Negative Straws and Forks

Bexarotene Cancer Drug Found to Repair Myelin Nerves in MS Patients

Ryan Reynolds Offers Reward for Woman’s Stolen Teddy Bear

Two Beluga Whales Set Free After Nearly a Decade in Captivity

Methane Seaweed Supplement for Cows

Senate Passes Bill to Protect From Drift Gillnets

Bee Populations Growing

A Man from Albany Was Saved From Possibly Drowning

Zeroavia Launches World’s First Hydrogen Powered Passenger Plane

Elephant Population in Kenya Has More Than Doubled Over the Last Three Decades

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