AT Banter Episode 129 – Albert Ruel

This week we welcome Getting Together With Technology Coordinator and Aira Explorer Albert Ruel into the Guitar Dungeon. We grill him on what it’s like having the Aira service and the implications of it on his daily life, and what the pros and cons are for others in the visually impaired community.

Show Notes

Calgary Transit Demands Humiliating Claims Couple

Accessibility Debate Over Toronto Restaurant

Aira Website

Canadian Council for the Blind

Getting Together With Technology Blog

Albert Ruel – Recorded Demo of Aira

One response to “AT Banter Episode 129 – Albert Ruel”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the Intuit and Aira partnership. I’ve enjoyed your podcasts and was pleasantly surprised to hear this while walking my dog this morning.

    I manage accessibility at Intuit. Our goal, at Intuit, is to power prosperity for small business owners and we hope our partnership with Aira will help blind and low-vision entrepreneurs flourish and hire more people.


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