AT Banter Episode 121 – Baked Crustaceans and Other Stories

Ever sit around wondering what’s been going on the last few weeks in Accessibility? Find yourself craving the need of listening to three old guys talking about a bunch of accessibility news topics while trying (and usually failing) to stay on topic? Well buckle up, this week’s show is for you! Rob, Ryan, and Steve fill us in with some of the last few week’s of interesting news stories before welcoming back Alexis Hillyard to the show where she fills us in on how her YouTube channel, Stump Kitchen, has been doing since we last talked and her audition for MasterChef Canada.

Show Notes

Samsung Files Patent For New Braille Input on Smartwatches

Vision Improving Nanoparticle Eyedrops Could Improve Vision

Scientists Create World’s First 3D Printed Bionic Eye

Amazon Announces New Line of Products

Restaurant Wants To Use Marijuana To Ease Lobster’s Suffering

CNIB Phone It Forward

Stump Kitchen

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  1. From Collins Unabbridged Dicnameary:

    1. a slight or superficial knowledge 2. a small amount
    ‘smatteringly adv

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  2. Sorry, Collins Unabbridged Dictionary


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