AT Banter Episode 97 – Daniel Kish

The Guitar Dungeon is awash with excitement this week as we welcome in Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind and well-known teacher of echo location. We talk to Daniel about what echo location is and what it means for the people who use it as well as its potential impact on the visually impaired community. You don’t want to miss this one (not that you’d want to miss ANY episodes, of course…)
Show Notes
World Access for the Blind
Daniel Kish Keynote Speech at ZeroCon18
Excerpt from the textbook, ‘Echolocation and Flash Sonar’

One response to “AT Banter Episode 97 – Daniel Kish”

  1. Hello At Banta team

    Thank you for continuing to send me the weekly podcasts

    I would like to ask about broadcasting these out on The VIP Lounge Information Station, a station dedicated to providing information about visual impairment around the world. To listen, please click

    The VIP |Lounge Information Station is part of The VIP Lounge Radio Group which consists of 4 internet-based radio stations providing everything from music from the past to up-to-date music as well as information for VIPs.

    We are a part of The VIP Lounge Group which provides support to visually impaired people, their friends, family and carers, and professionals. To find out more about our work, please visit

    Thank you

    Hazel Hyland Please could you let me know


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