AT Banter Episode 54 – Quentin Christensen and NVDA

Quentin Christensen, Training Material Developer at NV-Access, joins us this week to talk about NVDA, the free open source Screen Reader as well as the state of screen readers in the marketplace today.

Show Notes
NV Access: The main home of NVDA
NVDA on GitHub
NVDA issues on GitHub: Bug reports, feature requests, etc.
NVDA development snapshots: Automatically generated builds of the project in its current state of development
NVDA add-ons: Get add-ons to enhance NVDA
Translating NVDA: Information about how to translate NVDA into another language
NVDA community wiki: Articles contributed by the community
NVDA Controller Client (2010-02-19): NVDA API for external applications to directly speak or braille messages, etc.
NVDA Developer Guide
Contributing to NVDA: Guidelines for contributing to the NVDA source code
NVDA development email list (archives): Discussion about NVDA development
NVDA commits email list: Notifications for all commits to the Git repository


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