Matt Ater dressed in a collared shirt and suit jacket smiles as the JAWS for Windows logo floats alongside.

AT Banter Episode 273 – Matt Ater

We’re going to need a bigger podcast! Rob, Ryan, Steve and Lis welcome Matt Ater, Vice President of Software and Corporate Business Development for Vispero to the show to talk about some of the latest news around the JAWS screen reading software, including the implementation of JAWS kiosks in McDonald’s restaurants.

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AT Banter Episode 186 – Eric Damery

It’s an exciting show this week as Rob and Ryan welcome Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Management at Vispero, makers of the ever popular JAWS Screen Reading Software.  We wax nostalgic about the computing landscape of the 90s and discuss what it was like developing a screen reader during that period and how it compares to the current development cycle before discussing what the future holds for JAWS.

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