A cat lies draped over the back of a couch, looking nonplussed at the camera. The words “Episode 272 – The Cat’s Away” sits in the upper left hand corner of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right.

AT Banter Episode 272 – The Cat’s Away

The mice are having a party this week as Rob is down for the count and away from the show this week, leaving the keys to the podcast in the hands of Lis, Ryan, and Steve as they tackle a few news stories including some updates from Dr. David Grimes and his vision ministry in South America.

Show Transcript: https://atbanter.files.wordpress.com/2022/02/at-banter-podcast-episode-272-the-cat-is-away.pdf

Show Notes

Peter Dinklage Calls Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Remake ‘Backward’

Robot Guide Pepper Could Help Blind

Donations for Dr. David Grimes
Contact Steve at steve@canasstech.com

AT Banter Episode 213 – The Good News Show

Something a little different this week! We wanted to do something special to celebrate International Podcast Day, so Steve came up with the idea of a News Show that breaks from the usual format of Assistive Technology. These days it’s hard to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bad news that fills our days, so we’re fighting back with a little something we call The Good News Show — nothing but warm fuzzies! So if you’ve got the blues about the state of the world, this is the episode for you!

Show Notes

A paralyzed adventurer designed a mountain bike for people with disabilities to explore the outdoors

Duck Rescued After Plastic Ring Gets Stuck Around the Neck

Biodegradable Carbon Negative Straws and Forks

Bexarotene Cancer Drug Found to Repair Myelin Nerves in MS Patients

Ryan Reynolds Offers Reward for Woman’s Stolen Teddy Bear

Two Beluga Whales Set Free After Nearly a Decade in Captivity

Methane Seaweed Supplement for Cows

Senate Passes Bill to Protect From Drift Gillnets

Bee Populations Growing

A Man from Albany Was Saved From Possibly Drowning

Zeroavia Launches World’s First Hydrogen Powered Passenger Plane

Elephant Population in Kenya Has More Than Doubled Over the Last Three Decades

AT Banter Episode 184 – The Rant Show

It’s the first News show of the new year! Today Rob, Ryan and Steve rant about a few new stories that are near and dear to their hearts including taxi cabs, Web Accessibility, and the future of haptic devices.  

Show Notes

Vancouver taxi companies stop subsidizing drivers of accessible vehicles, cite ride-hailing competition

One Year to Countdown to Web Accessibility Begins in Ontario

Accessibee Aims to Get People With Disabilities Online by 2025

UPMC is First to Implant Wireless Retinal Device in the US

AT Banter Episode 108 – The End of SausageFest

This week we’re thrilled to be adding a bit of estrogen to the mix and welcoming Maria Johnson aka Girl Gone Blind into the Guitar Dungeon to help us talk about a few of the Accessibility-related news stories of the last few weeks.

Show Notes

Google Rebrands TalkBack into Android Accessibility Suite

Microsoft Invests 25 million into AI Tech for Disability Solutions

Customer Experiences with AI

The Proposed Accessible Canada Act



Continued Conversations with Google

Plastic Overlay Makes Reading Easier for Blind iPad Users

Morid Alexa Comment

Girl Gone Blind

AT Banter Podcast Episode 101 – The Anniversary Show II

Can you believe it’s been two years and over 100 episodes? We take a break from our regular format and invite friend of the show and owner of Chaos Technical Services Rick Chant into the Guitar Dungeon where we reminisce and engage in some free form conversations. We talk about everything from the state of AI Assistants to the idea of disability as loss and everything in between, including Gibraltar monkeys. Yes, you read that right – you’ll just have to listen to see how that happens. So, break out the tequila shots and join us for this Birthday episode!

Show Notes

Sneaky Weasel Beer

Ford’s New Smart Window

AT Banter Episode 91 – Let’s All Move to Norway

This week Steve’s out with a bug and long time listener of the show Ali Moussa steps in to help us talk about some Accessibility related news items from the last few weeks!

Show Notes
Man Seeks New Copy of Windows 7 After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade
Blindfold Games Now Offers Braille Support
It’s Illegal in Norway to Have An Inaccessible Website
Google Assistant Firmaware Updates