AT Banter Episode 63 – Comics Empower

Ever wonder if there were comic books for the Blind and visually impaired? Well wonder no more, Citizen! This week we’re talking with Guy Hasson, founder of a virtual comic book shop that produces audio described comic books specifically for the visually impaired community.

Show Notes
Comics Empower
Visit the Comics Empower website and see the entire library of comics that are available. You can also find them on Twitter @comicsempower and check out their podcast, Blind Panels.

AT Banter Episode 7 – July 8, 2016

After several weeks of teasing, it’s finally here — our episode about Disabled Superheroes! Join Rob, Steve and Rachel in the Studio of Justice for a look into how disability has been portrayed in comics, and discuss what the future may hold.

Show Notes
List of Disabled Superheroes
Disabled Cosplayers
Department of Ability
Common Portrayals of Persons with Disabilities
Comics and Human Rights: Oracle and Representations of Disability in Superhero Comics
Comics Empower: The comic book store for the blind