Trevor Thomas sits and poses for a picture at the top of a peak, a mountain range in the distance. He is carrying a large backpack and is joined by his Guide Dog, who also carries two saddle bags.

AT Banter Episode 283 – Trevor Thomas The Blind Hiker

It’s Lis’s birthday week and in honor of that, we’ve handed the reins of the episode over to her (it beats getting her a gift, and we’re cheap). Lucky for us she has lined up an incredible show as we welcome Trevor Thomas. The Blind Hiker to the show. Trevor was the first blind person to solo thru-hike the Appalachian Trail and has currently solo trekked more than 22,000 miles, thru-hiking the most rugged long-trails in the United States. You don’t want to miss this episode and Trevor’s amazing story.

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Trevor Thomas Online

Trail of Trust Documentary

Team Farsight

Translink Balancing Project Petition

Dave Steele, The Blind Poet stands with his white cane in hand against a darkened background. The words “Episode 282 – Dave Steele The Blind Poet” float overhead while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower left hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 282 – Dave Steele The Blind Poet

Rob, Ryan, Steve and Lis drink some tea and prepare to wax poetic this week as they welcome Dave Steele, otherwise known as The Blind Poet to the show. Dave shares his own journey through vision loss, from first being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa to becoming a bestselling author and known as “The Blind Poet”.  

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Dave Steele Online

Stand By Me RP

Image Description: Cartoon graphic of a crowd of people, some in black and white and others who represent the disability community being in color and standing out from the crowd. Text reads “Episode 276 – Ableism Part 3” while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right hand corner.

AT Banter Episode 276 – Ableism Part 3

We are packing the Anti-Gloom Zoom Room full this week with our panel who return for the third part of our series on ableism. Shawn Marsolais, Executive Director of Blind Beginnings and host of the Limitless Podcast and Amy Amantea, host of the Accessing Art with Amy Podcast join the gang for a rousing roundtable discussion that focuses in on the concept of internalized ableism.

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Blind Beginnings

Limitless Podcast

Accessing Art with Amy

AT Banter Episode 266 – Anthony Ferraro

Rob is stoked this week as the gang (Rob, Ryan, Steve, and guest host Lis) welcome Anthony Ferraro, motivational speaker, documentary stay, content creator, skateboarder, musician and paralympian in training – yes he does it all!

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Anthony Ferraro Online

AT Banter Episode 257 – Jillian Gillis

Mental health and the notion of self-care and self-love can be something many of us overlook in our busy, everyday lives. This week the boys are excited to welcome Jillian Gillis to the show to talk about her new(ish) podcast called Self Love is Blind, a show that discusses these concepts through the lens of disability.

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Self Love Is Blind

AT Banter Episode 235 – Tanner Gers

This week, Rob, Ryan and Steve welcome Paralympic Athlete and motivational speaker Tanner Gers to the show where they learn about his involvement in the bid to bring five-a-side Blind Soccer to the Paralympics as well as several other projects he has in the pipeline.

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Find Tanner Online

AT Banter Episode 217 – Michael Hingson

This week Rob and Ryan sit down with best-selling author, motivational speaker, and advocate Michael Hingson to discuss a wide range of topics around Blindness, from his experiences growing up to his early experiences in the Assistive Technology field to the importance of Braille Literacy.

Show Notes

‘The Witches’ Faces Backlash From Disability Community

Independence Science

Michael Hingson

Thunder Dog

AT Banter Episode 215 – GoodMaps

Indoor navigation and fully accessible public spaces has long been a dream, and this week we’re talking to a couple guys that might be looking at making that dream come true. Jose Gaztambide and Mike May from GoodMaps join Rob, Ryan and Steve this week to talk about their app and the state of the art positioning technology used in order to quickly and accurately map spaces and turn that data in an accessible digital format.

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GoodMaps Explore for iOS

Guy on a Jetpack

AT Banter Episode 214 – Digital Accessibility and Kathy Wahlbin

We have been talking about Digital Accessibility so much over the past few months, we decided it was high time to have a whole show dedicated to it! The boys welcome Kathy Wahlbin from the Paciello Group into the Anti-Zoom Gloom Room to discuss not only its importance but just what the term “accessible” means from a technical standpoint and how digital services are evaluated. Oh, and Ryan goes off on a rant.

Show Notes

RadioShack Sued for ADA Accessibility Violation

Paciello Group

Fly on Your Head (Remix)