AT Banter Episode 233 – Dominique Chabot and Autism Canada

April is World Autism Awareness Month and to help celebrate and spread awareness, Rob, Ryan and Steve welcome Dominique Chabot from Autism Canada to the show. We discuss the details of what Autism is and how it manifests, the challenges that many families face when it comes to being diagnosed, and what services and programs Autism Canada provides.

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Autism Canada

AT Banter Episode 96 – Aimee Cayer and Autism on the Seas

We are all over the map, literally, this week as welcome Aimee Cayer from the non-profit organization ‘Autism on the Seas’ into the Guitar Dungeon. She gives an overview of the invaluable services the organization provide vacationing families with Special Needs family members and its origins before leaving the boys to talk about a host of off-topic bits, including hockey, Las Vegas, and a crazy story involving seagulls.

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Study Reveals Blind People Imagine the Future Differently Than Sighted People
Autism on the Seas

AT Banter Episode 77 – Shawn Smith and Don’t-Dis-My-Ability

This week we invite Shawn Smith of ‘Don’t Dis My Ability’ into the Guitar Dungeon where we talk all about invisible disabilities and the burgeoning field of Neurodiversity.

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