AT Banter Episode 322 – John Melville

This week Ryan, Rob, Steve and Lis welcome John Melville, Vice-President of Content Development and Operations at Accessible Media Inc. We discuss everything from his early years and how he landed at AMI from a career in radio to how AMI’s content is developed and put through the lens of disability and the importance of the disability community’s input in the process. Oh, and we giggle at Newfoundland town names.

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AT Banter Episode 313 – Triple Vision Podcast

This week it’s not only the biggest episode we’ve ever done, but one of the most important. We’re packing the Anti-Gloom Zoom Room full this week as Rob, Ryan, Lis, and Steve welcome the members of the Triple Vision Podcast – Peter Field, Charlie Ayotte, Hanna Leavitt, and David Best – to talk about their show which aims to rebuild the narrative of the experience of Blind Canadians in history through research and personal stories. They discuss the podcast’s origins and the importance of ensuring that the story of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted are told by the community and not lost to time. You don’t want to miss this jam-packed episode!

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Jennie Bovard, a young woman wearing glasses with straight blond hair, smiles in front of a podcast microphone.

AT Banter Episode 312 – Jennie Bovard & Low Vision Moments

This week Ryan, Rob, and Lis have a moment (actually more like a few) with Jennie Bovard, host of the podcast Low Vision Moments. They discuss the concept of the podcast and its origins, and how comedy and humor can be used to create teachable moments about blindness and low vision before diving in and sharing some of their own funny moments in typical circular firing squad fashion. It’s an episode full of belly laughs that you won’t want to miss!

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Low Vision Moments

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AT Banter Episode 280 – Ardra Shephard & Fashion Dis

Rob dresses up and wears socks this week in anticipation of the show as the gang welcomes Ardra Shephard, host of AMI’s, ‘Fashion Dis’, a makeover show that features members of the disability community. They discuss Ardra’s own personal journey with fashion and disability, how the idea of the show came about, adaptive clothing, and the importance of the show’s impact and message.

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Fashion Dis on AMI

Tripping On Air

Blind Musicians Concert for Ukraine

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AT Banter Episode 277 – Kelly MacDonald & Ramya Amuthan

It’s an exciting and action-packed episode this week as Lis updates us on her cowbell status and her dog’s gassy habits. An if that’s not enough excitement for one episode, break out that heart medication and oxygen, because we are also thrilled and honored to talk with Kelly MacDonald and Ramya Amuthan from AMI’s widely popular arts, entertainment and lifestyle show, Kelly and Company! We discuss the show and its origins, the importance of accessibility and representation in media, and much much more! You don’t want to miss this one!

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AT Banter Episode 257 – Jillian Gillis

Mental health and the notion of self-care and self-love can be something many of us overlook in our busy, everyday lives. This week the boys are excited to welcome Jillian Gillis to the show to talk about her new(ish) podcast called Self Love is Blind, a show that discusses these concepts through the lens of disability.

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Self Love Is Blind

AT Banter Episode 109 – Lowell Taylor

This week the Guitar Dungeon is filled with motivational vibes as Rob and Ryan welcome Lowell Taylor for a visit. He fills us in about what it was like to compete on Canada’s Amazing Race as a visually impaired contestant, his current plans to become a Paralympic athlete, his career as a motivational speaker, and duties as Health and Wellness expert on the AMI TV show, “Mind Set Go”.

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Live With Heart

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Mind Set Go

AT Banter Episode 39 – Christine Ha

This week we’re cooking up a storm with our very special guest Christine Ha, winner of MasterChef and host of AMI’s cooking show, Four Senses. She tells us all about what it was like as a visually impaired contestant on MasterChef, her favorite kitchen gadgets, and some of her favorite meals to cook.

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The Blind Cook Website
AMI’s Four Senses

AT Banter Episode 27 – Grant Hardy and AMI

This week is action packed as we welcome Grant Hardy into the depths of the Banter studio to chat about his experiences as an on air personality with Accessible Media Inc, how he got started in the business, and AMI’s goals of making media accessible for all Canadians. Also, chickens. Oh, and the Banter Boys make their television debut.

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Accessible Media Inc.
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AMI on Twitter – @AccessibleMedia
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