John Grimes, a Caucasian man with short brown hair and dressed in a suit smiles for the camera. The words "Episode 327 - John Grimes" hovers over the left hand side of the photo.

AT Banter Episode 327 – John Grimes

This week Ryan and Rob sit down with fellow podcaster John Grimes of the Ambiguously Blind podcast to talk about his vision loss journey after a life threatening bout of Meningitis, how it impacted his life, how the podcast came about in an effort to help spread awareness.

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Ambiguously Blind Podcast

Image of the Lotus Ring against a dark background. The words "Episode

AT Banter Episode 326 – Lotus Labs

This week Ryan, Rob, Steve, and Lis welcome Dhaval Patel and Natalie Shearer from Lotus Labs, a company that is actively working to revolutionize the idea of Smart Homes by developing a wearable ring that can control all smart devices in the home and making the process of setting up a smart home much less expensive and frustrating.

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Lotus Labs

Headshot of Adam Grant Warren, a man in his 30s with short hair against a black background. The words "Episode 325 - Adam Grant Warren" hover over the left hand side of the image.

AT Banter Episode 325 – Adam Grant Warren

This week Ryan, Rob and Steve welcome Adam Grant Warren, writer, performer and member of the All Bodies Dance Program to talk about this innovative “mixed ability” dance company that not only embraces the idea of inclusion but of integration. They discuss the origins of the program and it’s mandate, how the notion of “all bodies” is incorporated into the creative process, and much more. If you are a fan of the arts, and of dance in particular, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Adam Grant Warren

All Bodies Dance

All Bodies Dance You Tube Channel