Jennie Bovard, a young woman wearing glasses with straight blond hair, smiles in front of a podcast microphone.

AT Banter Episode 312 – Jennie Bovard & Low Vision Moments

This week Ryan, Rob, and Lis have a moment (actually more like a few) with Jennie Bovard, host of the podcast Low Vision Moments. They discuss the concept of the podcast and its origins, and how comedy and humor can be used to create teachable moments about blindness and low vision before diving in and sharing some of their own funny moments in typical circular firing squad fashion. It’s an episode full of belly laughs that you won’t want to miss!

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Low Vision Moments

Low Vision Moments on YouTube

The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians logo along with the words "Episode 311"

AT Banter Episode 311 – Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

International Day of Persons With Disabilities is December 3, and to help celebrate, Rob and Ryan welcome Marcia Yale, President of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, to the show. They discuss the organization, its origins, and the challenges that a grass roots advocacy organization faces, as well as the special conference it has planned on December 3 for International Day of Persons With Disabilities. And we find out just what Ryan gets up to after hours….

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AEBC Website

AEBC International Day of Persons With Disabilities Conference

Wooden blocks sit lined up on a table and spell ableism. The words "Episode 310 - Ableism Part 4" sits in the upper left hand corner of the image while the AT Banter logo sits in the bottom feft.

AT Banter Episode 310 – Ableism Part 4

This week we cap off our multi-part series on Ableism as Rob, Ryan, and Lis welcome back Shawn Marsolais, founder of Blind Beginnings and host of the Limitless Podcast and disability advocate Amy Amantea to sit down at a round table discussion. In this last part of the series we discuss the hierarchy of disability and how it manifests from both within and outside of the disability community and give our final thoughts on ableism and how to combat it.   

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Blind Beginnings

Limitless Podcast

Accessing Art with Amy