Image Description: Natalie and Sarina, two women in their mid-twenties, sit and smile with their laptops open in front of them. The words “Episode 274 – Two Canes Consulting” sits in the upper left hand corner while the AT Banter Podcast sits below.

AT Banter Episode 274 – Two Canes Consulting

This week Rob, Steve, Lis, and Ryan welcome Sarina Cormier and Natalie Shearer from Two Canes Consulting to the show to talk about their fledgling two-woman accessibility consultation business. They discuss everything from their own chance meeting at a branch of the CNIB and the company’s origins to the state of accessibility in Ontario and the unique perspective that their own lived experiences bring to their clients.

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Two Canes Consulting

Matt Ater dressed in a collared shirt and suit jacket smiles as the JAWS for Windows logo floats alongside.

AT Banter Episode 273 – Matt Ater

We’re going to need a bigger podcast! Rob, Ryan, Steve and Lis welcome Matt Ater, Vice President of Software and Corporate Business Development for Vispero to the show to talk about some of the latest news around the JAWS screen reading software, including the implementation of JAWS kiosks in McDonald’s restaurants.

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JAWS Connect

JAWS Kiosks

A cat lies draped over the back of a couch, looking nonplussed at the camera. The words “Episode 272 – The Cat’s Away” sits in the upper left hand corner of the image while the AT Banter Podcast logo sits in the lower right.

AT Banter Episode 272 – The Cat’s Away

The mice are having a party this week as Rob is down for the count and away from the show this week, leaving the keys to the podcast in the hands of Lis, Ryan, and Steve as they tackle a few news stories including some updates from Dr. David Grimes and his vision ministry in South America.

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Peter Dinklage Calls Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Remake ‘Backward’

Robot Guide Pepper Could Help Blind

Donations for Dr. David Grimes
Contact Steve at

Author Steven Hartov smiles and posed in front of a green hedge as he wears a black tshirt and a tan military styled jacket.

AT Banter Episode 271 – Steven Hartov

January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day and this year Lis and Steve lined up something special to recognize this occasion as they welcome New York Times Bestselling author Steven Hartov to the show. Steven walks us through the importance of the day and his own connections to it before discussing his long and storied writing career through a variety of different genres.

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Steven Hartov Online

Steven Hartov on Amazon