AT Banter Episode 60 – Aira

This week we talk with Wesley Friesen and Micheal Hingson from Aira, the new revolutionary subscription service that caters to the Visually Impaired community.

Show Notes
Talking Laundry Module
Want to help your washer and dryer become more sentient? As we discussed, here’s the link to the GE First Build website store where you can order your very own Talking Laundry Module for your GE Washer/Dryer.
Aira Website
Interesting in subscribing to the service or learning more about it? Check out the company website and find out just what the service could do for you.
Aira Careers Page
For those who might be interested in learning more about becoming an Aira Agent.

AT Banter Episode 59 – Maria Johnson – Girl Gone Blind

This week we had a great time bantering with Maria Johnson, aka Girl Gone Blind —  so much so that it turned out to be our longest episode to date! We talk with her about her eye condition, her experience with losing her sight, the importance of blogging and social media, technology, and how it helped with her transition and recovery.

Show Notes
Girl Gone Blind Blog
LHON Information

AT Banter Episode 58 – Steve Takes Over

This week Steve impersonates Rob and steals the hosting duties as the three discuss some of the week’s most interesting Assistive Technology news from around the country. And some other stuff too.

Show Notes
Phillips Offers a Line of Accessible TV and Video Players
Voice Access
New Victor Reader Trek
The BrailleMe $300 Braille Display
Talking Laundry Module
Translink Testing RFID Technology For Skytrain Fare Gates
Disability Organization Denounces Alec Baldwin
Microsoft’s Seeing AI App

AT Banter Episode 57 – Google Home

This week we banter with perhaps the most famous guest we’ve ever had on — none other than the Google Digital Assistant herself, the Google Home! We chat about the AT potential of this device, show what it can do in the home, and even dive into some of its more quirky features.

Show Notes
Google Home Website
Google Home Compatibility