AT Banter Episode 31 – It’s Christmas Time

It’s Christmas at the AT Banter Studios! It’s all hands on deck as we take a break this week from our regular subject matter to partake in a bit (well, maybe more than just a bit) of holiday cheer, share Holiday memories, exchange presents, and even are treated to a live performance of an original song by our own Ryan Fleury.

Show Notes
It’s Christmas Time by Ryan Fleury

The Lost Episode 19 – Outtakes, Bloopers and General Silliness

Well, after 30 episodes we’ve amassed enough screw-ups, ridiculous digressions and general silliness to fill an episode.  As our early Christmas present to our listeners, we’ve collected some of the more noteworthy ones for your amusement (and our embarrassment). Enjoy!

At Banter Episode 30 – Tommy Edison The Blind Film Critic

Rob and Ryan talk with Tommy Edison, YouTube star and film critic about his life, how he got his start on YouTube, his experiences, and, of course, movies.

Show Notes
Blind Film Critic WebsiteTommy Edison Experience

Banter Bits – Where in the World is Rick Hansen?

Ryan spills the beans on where our very special guest has gone to and we talk about the next big Windows Update and what it means for accessibility in the Windows environment.

Show Notes
Rick Hansen Foundation
Dr. Rick Hanson : The Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness

AT Banter Episode 28 – Lorri Johnson and Music Therapy

Once again we discuss the power of music as we talk with Lorri Johnson, an accredited Music Therapist and graduate of the Capilano University Bachelor of Music Therapy Program and talk about Music Therapy and its benefits, as well as her own experiences in dealing with seniors in Long Term Care.

Show Notes
Music Therapy Association of British Columbia
Music Heals
Capilano University Music Therapy Program
Simple Music Player