AT Banter Episode 18 – Skoog!

This week we’re talking to Ben Schögler – Creative Director and Co-Founder of SkoogMusic – about their music-based assistive technology product and all around fun word, the Skoog!

Show Notes
What’s a Skoog?
Skoog Performances
Don’t Stop Believin’

AT Banter Episode 16 – Blind Alive

This week we’re getting physical with Mel Scott and her company Blind Alive, which produces accessible exercise programs for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Show Notes
Blind Alive Website
Blind Alive on Facebook
Blind Alive on YouTube
Blind Alive Blog Contest
4 Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball at Work

AT Banter Episode 15 – Blind Beginnings

This week we’re joined in-studio by Shawn Marsolais, founder of Vancouver-based Blind Beginnings, and chat about the organization, what it does, and her time as a Paralympian.

Show Notes
Blind Beginnings
Email Shawn :

AT Banter Episode 14 – Robot Overlords

This week is another SPECULATIVE episode where Rob, Steve and Ryan talk about Robots and some ways they’re being used within AT as well as where they might go, then geek out about our favorite robots in pop culture.

Show Notes
Telepresence Robots

TEK Robotic Mobilization Device

Vulcan: The Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair

Robotic Companions

Robotic Guide Dogs
Assistive Robots for Blind Travellers